In the US, Johnson & Johnson was accused of fraud

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered a lawsuit against one of the giants of the American pharmaceutical industry - the company Johnson & Johnson. At the end of last week, this company and its subsidiaries were accused of fraud, as well as hiding the side effects of opioid painkillers. Earlier, similar claims were made to three other American pharmaceutical companies.

According to the new York Governor's website, Johnson & Johnson is accused of downplaying the insurance risks associated with opioid use. "The opioid crisis has claimed too many lives and the state of new York will continue to take action against those who helped fuel this public health disaster," said Andrew Cuomo. "Improperly providing opioids to consumers for profit is inexcusable, and we will use all means necessary to bring those responsible to full responsibility."

Previously, the us government's centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) estimated that medicinal opioids have caused more than 400,000 deaths in the country since 1997.

According to the prosecution, formulated By the new York state financial services administration, Johnson & Johnson concealed the risks of side effects, including falls, fractures and neuropsychiatric symptoms, after using a number of opioid drugs. Manufacturers have also been accused of manipulating and marketing ploys to deny opioid addiction. For example, through pamphlets and third-party publications, the accused pharmaceutical companies specifically targeted older patients as candidates for opioid treatment, while minimizing the increased risk of opioid use for this vulnerable population.