The analyst pointed to an important metric that indicates a likely bitcoin rally

The ratio of the volume of bitcoins sent by whales to exchanges to the same indicator of retail investors (Exchange Whale Ratio) has fallen to the lowest value this year.

As the analyst explained, the less funds whales send to exchanges, the less chance of a price dump, therefore, the greater the probability of a price rise.
The last time this indicator was at a comparable level was in April 2019, after which the price of bitcoin rose from $4,000 to $13,000 in a few months.
The Exchange Whale Ratio is the ratio of the relative size of the 10 largest deposits to the total daily inflow of funds to all tracked exchanges.

Earlier, Glassnode analysts reported that bitcoin is flowing out of the hands of large holders. According to their observations, the balances of wallets with 10, 100 or more BTC are decreasing, and the number of addresses holding 1 or more BTC reached a record of 823,992 on September 16.

Recall that this week, entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki said that he expects bitcoin, gold and silver to fall after creating an effective coronavirus vaccine. But this is the best time to buy these assets.